Poker & Exercise

     Poker is a game of the mind.  We are trying to outwit our opponents, outplay them, and we need to be in peak mental condition to do that.


     I used to be a very negative person.  Unhappy in general.  I always fixated on the negative things.  A few friends turned me on to positive thinking, and it changed my life - but I still fight these negative feelings today.  


     When I changed my thinking, I also changed my lifestyle.  I lost weight, started going to the gym regularly, and I eat healthier now.


     When poker (or life) isn't going well, and situations challenge us, it's hard to understand how much exercise helps our mindframe - unless we actually get regular exercise.


     Give it a try.  Consult your doctor first to make sure it's safe, and.....  go for a walk with your spouse, partner, friend, dog, whatever.  Get into a gym three times a week. 



     I am pretty sure you will understand once you get the exercise done.  All of the things that are stressing you out become a little easier to deal with.  


     If you aren't active in some form or fashion, you probably dont know what you're missing!  


     All I know is exercise helps me immensely in my poker sessions, but it's tough sometimes to actually do it.  Once I do, everything seems to feel better.  I become more relaxed.  I make better decisions at the table.  It makes me feel good, so I keep doing it!


    Now, I am off to walk my little bitty lol dog.  See you on the felt!


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